About Us

Virtue’s Compass is a long-term project to bring people together to work for a world of peace, abundance, transformation, healing, and conviviality. The Virtue’s Compass Institute focuses on transformative learning to foster the leadership necessary to successfully meet the growing crises of climate change, social inequality and division, the struggle for democracy, and the use of violence as policy. We believe that is is possible to live lives of beauty and integrity as we take responsibility for the leadership of our communities and the planet.
The School of English for Engaged Social Service is the first major project of the Virtue’s Compass Institute. It is an experiment in combining training in English skills with the skills of leadership. Important among these are the capacity for inward inquiry, the ability to offer genuine listening and mutual support to others, the tools of critical social analysis, the tools of research, awareness of the findings of climate science, personal goal setting, and many others.